2023-2024 Catalog

PUBH 238 Epidemiology

This course is designed to introduce the basic concepts, principles, and methods of epidemiologic research. In our pursuit to understand the interplay of risk factors and patterns of human disease and health, we will cover the history of epidemiology, the principles of epidemiologic thinking and of causal inference, the basic measures of disease frequency and of association, and how to compute them. We will also learn about the major types of epidemiologic study designs and explore the major fields of epidemiologic investigation. To better understand the practical application of study methods used in epidemiology, the class has a laboratory component (PUBH 238L). The laboratory component will provide students with the opportunity to apply the concepts from lecture and develop an epidemiological research proposal. Students will work through the research process, moving from developing a health related research question to operationalizing the idea into a research plan.


4 units


Statistics (BIO 268, COMP 146, MATH 150, PSYC 201, or UEP 305) and PUBH 203



Core Requirements Met

  • Laboratory Science