2023-2024 Catalog

PUBH 303 LGBTQ Health

This course introduces students to the unique health challenges faced by sexual minority populations, a group that includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals. As a public health class, there will be a specific focus on factors that impact health outcomes at the community and population level, paying due attention to the distinct subgroups that make up sexual minorities. Drawing from current and historical examples and case studies, we will examine how cultural, social, and political forces contribute to health disparities in these groups. Through a public health lens, we will discuss the dynamics among behavior, identity, life stage, setting, and environment, and think through implications for health outcomes. Students will assess various determinants of health and consider a range of strategies that could be used to improve health and reduce health disparities.


4 units


PUBH 203

Core Requirements Met

  • United States Diversity