2023-2024 Catalog


The History Department seeks to cultivate in its students a critical understanding of the past in order to prepare them to participate as thoughtful and engaged citizens of the contemporary world. The program promotes historical understanding that enables the assessment of social and cultural continuity and change in a variety of temporal, geographic and thematic contexts. Through its broad curriculum in the pre-modern, national, world, and comparative histories of Europe, the Americas and the Atlantic World, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East and North Africa region, and the Islamic World, as well as program strengths in the subjects of colonialism and postcolonialism, environmental history, food studies, immigration history, race and ethnic studies, political cultures, the history of religion, revolutions and social movements, the history of science and medicine, war and genocide, and women’s history, students develop interpretive skills, research competence, and writing fluency to engage in academic debates and produce historical knowledge. The department supports student research with both funding and awards, encourages study abroad, and offers distinctive internship opportunities. Our academic program plays an integrative role in the quest for liberal learning and contributes to interdisciplinary and area studies programs as well as the mission of the College grounded in excellence and equity, community and service. Our majors are well prepared for a broad range of graduate programs and careers including business, education, archival and museum work, historic preservation, entertainment and media, journalism, law, and public service.